Everett, Washington
Not resolved

The last three i bought are horribly burnt tasting and there brand new.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vuse Vapor Alto Vape Kit.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Same issue and I’m SUPER PISSED!


I have the same issue! Its rediculus!!

I used to love the alto once i got one i couldn't go back to the vibe that i once enjoyed or any other device. I like that it has a stronger pull. But then it started leaking..alot. I learned to not have it at certain angles such as laying down and it is fine for the most part.

As for the burnt taste omg! This is by far the most annoying issue. There isn't anything you can do its like once it has the burnt taste to it the whole pod is trash. This is happening wayy wayyyy to much!

I'm legit buying a pack everyday or every other day Wtf and am lucky if i get a half of one pod that works right and taste good. This is getting to become way to expensive, really rediculus and a waste of money!