Not resolved

Y'all it ain't even funny. Super expensive and super faulty.

It does burn it but only if you draw to long, once that is done the ceramic is burnt. The whole pod unless you shake and shake then maybe just maybe you can get a good draw, on another note paying 15 bucks for two pods just to be out and about after dinner and it refused to give up it's vapory goodness. Stick in an old pod and poom works fine put in a new pod poom Vapes but God forbid you try your almost full pod again just to have no puff. It's infuriating.

When you don't live in the city and your store going days are few a week if any, and your stuck without.

I will not be buying these anymore they are more addictive than cigs and cost more. Making a smell free cig was smart execution not so much.

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