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Everytime i buy a pack of cartridges only one works, we need to see if we can sue this fraud company

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I’m having a big issue where I buy a pack of cartridges and only one of them is working or one taste like it’s stale or burnt and I’m paying about $14 for two of these things. That’s Very expensive because I’m going through one cartridge everyday or day in a half.

I’m not sure what to do. May just have to switch to a different vape Products other vuse!!


This products consistency is garbage! Literally the carts either taste burnt or they leak so bad you get liquid with every hit!

Over the past month or so I have given up on this product because of the inconsistent product they produce! I'm going back to my cigarettes...quit selling people this crap!


These pods are barely a 40% success rate. Class action lawsuit is needed.

You cant even finish smoking one entire pod because the burner quits before the liquid is gone, and very rarely will both pods work out of the pack.

If they do, they dont work for long, to be generous i would say its a 40% success rate, as in you get to vape roughly 40% of the product that you pay for. And again, that is a generous estimate, it may be closer to 30-35%.


I have had 6 packs of the cartridges be half full. The rest has leaked out.

I have pics. I pay 15 dollars for this. And when I call all I get is a coupon for buy 1 get 1 free. Really?

I am thinking of switching to blue.

At least they stand by their product and I have yet to have the issues with them. Over a year and half ago this product was $7.00 and now I pay over 15 for the same product but with less .


Right on...these are garbage!


I have the same problem I thought I was the only one


I also am having the same issue. 4 useless pods.

I contacted the company after the second pod didn’t work & they said they’d send me a $15 voucher...which I never received. What I got was a coupon for $1 off.

Really???? I like the product but I’m wasting too much money on something that may or may not work.


Same, I have spent so much money on stale Alto Vuse pods..I have been smoking this particular e- cigarette for over 2 years now and I have wasted at least 200 to 300 on stale pods..What do you do with them, you cant get a refund for tobacco products.. I work for Marathon and I just bought another pack where only 1 was stale but usually it's both pods.So that's 13.99 plus tax thrown away in the garbage at least 3 times a month..I'm seriously getting ready to switch over to a different brand..

I should be refunded funds that I've had to thrown away over the last 2 years at two packages a week, I smoke.. Or should we buy at the risk of whether the pod will be stale or not??


I’m having the same issue, I’m looking for a new alternative as I have 4 full pods I can use, that’s $40. It’s to expensive to gamble on :(


I can not use


I have also had this problem at least seven out of the vuse cigarettes in the past year that I used the cartridges didn't work then no matter how I adjust it is still didn't work this Saturday just blinks red and red and white red and white and I've had to throw them away also out of the kids that I've bought I've had for where the battery just didn't work at all it just blink off and just blink red and just not charge and just not work


I've had the same problem with alot that I have bought. I contacted the company and they sent me coupons.

I know that I have contacted them 3 times. Some stores will let you return the defective pods with a receipt.


I have 30 boxes of orginal Vuse Vibe cartridge that I buy straight from there website and all of them have taste burnt. I have contacted the company which they say I will refund you for 1 box $9.99 and issue you coupons and must send defective pods back which I have sent 8 pods back, but no more because my attorney said save everything from receipts, boxes, pods and ect..

I do continue to contact the company for my defected pods, but they continue to just send me coupons which ain't solving anything, but my attorney said continue to do what they tell you to do and than we will hit them with a lawsuit.

RJR Vapor is a multi billion dollar TOBACCO COMPANY. Best to contact an attorney like I did.


Thank you an glad someone is doing something.. I had just abput quit actual (funny enough their camel menthol silvers) until all Alto pods were burnt.

An i sold their brand to people.. Thank you!