Read several of the reviews below, wanted to throw my two cents. I'll try and bring as much clarity to my consumer experience as possible.

Vuse Alto is my 5th vaping choice, i began vaping with the MarkTens before they were dissolved. I was highly satisfied by Mark10 and dissappinted to see them go. From there I tried Njoy and a few others before settling on Vuse Alto. I purchase these in southern AZ, where I reside, from multiple retailers but typically Circle K convenience stores.

I saw many reviews stating the battery life to be abysmal, with users saying they've purchased multiple batteries for the device...I've never encountered this issue. I purchased one battery device when i first arrived in AZ last year, have dropped it multiple times, left it in the AZ heat, you name it. Still works like the first time. I HAVE noticed that it is possible to lesve the device on the charger and not have it charge, BE CERTAIN that the light comes on when you have the charger connected, and if it doesn't wiggle it a little until it does.

The magnets don't seem to be particularly powerful. I saw a few mentions about leakage, this I've noticed as well, nowhere near as bad as with other brands I've used, and it seems to be most susceptible while the mouthpiece is pointed toward the ground, i.e. vaping while laying on your back. Ive never had a cartridge go bad coming straight out of the pack or even midway through as other users have noted.

My experience with the brand has been mostly positive, aside from their lack of flavor selections (not a dealbreaker, I've always vaped menthol, but options wouldn't hurt). The draw is smooth and pleasant, the sensation instant.

There is a lingering, syrup like aroma would could be found unpleasant by some, although i doubt not so much as cigarette smoke. Would recommend to anyone transitioning from smoking.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Vuse Vapor Pros: Aesthetically appealing, Fast charge, Cartridge quality, Smooth, Intense draw.

Vuse Vapor Cons: Limited flavor selections, Prone to leak, Battery and charger reliability.

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