Newport, Washington
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Fist I'd like to say I love the vape itself. The magnetic charging and tank holding is the best I've seen and I've tried a lot of them from pens to mods.

And so far this is my favorite one for the easiness, the size the price all the best. My only complaint is that the cartridges come in packs of two and only one is usable almost Everytime.

The other will taste burnt and can't use it. Because of that I'm ready to switch to a different one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vuse Vapor Alto Vape Kit.

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Burnt taste on too many pods. Have to stick with the Solo or Vibe.

Never had an issue with either. The Alto is a sleek design with a magnetic charger SWEET. But the atomizers are the issue! NEED TO CORRECT OR LOSE CUSTOMERS.

I really liked the Alto. #SADALTO will be calling to get my bad ones collected replaced.