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O lovely im not the only one who has been dealin with this... I work in a gas station and you can bet i will be complaining to my newport rep wen hes comes into my store...

I legit for the past 2 months have bought a package of the cartridges and one is fine then the next one half way thru is burnt.. I quit smokin 5 months ago.. I honestly am about to switch to the juul pod becuz at this point im just wasting my money.. And i feel as tho all of us people are complaining bout this and nothin is being done about it.

*** it im switch.. Sorry vuse you should prob work on that so you dont lose any more customers cuz im not gonna lie i love this device but it killa me spendin money i dont have on something that isnt workin correctly

Product or Service Mentioned: Vuse Vapor Electronic Cigarette Refill.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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